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Practical Jewelry Rendering, Tim McCreight

Practical Jewelry Rendering

by Tim McCreight

The essence of rendering is magic — the grand illusion that something as elusive as an idea seems to exist as a tangible object. The advantages of rendering are obvious: it is faster and more economical to refine an idea on paper than in precious metal. Renderings are often used to convey information accurately to a client or to communicate with a model maker or gem cutter. And just as important, it’s fun.

This material was published as a printed book in 1994 and included drawings of the human figure that allow a jewelry designer to conceive work on a living person. That aspect has been updated to an iPad app called DrawThru. The first section of the original book was a quick overview of the techniques used to create realistic drawings of jewelry and that is what is presented here. Media covered includes colored pencil, gouache, watercolors and markers. The material is offered in this complimentary edition at no cost.

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